Traditional glassblowing is not something that is done 6-feet apart or with face coverings.  However, we at Ghost Pepper Glass have used our downtime to develop tools and routines to create the safest possible glassmaking environment.  That said, this environment only remains safe if everyone entering our space works with us to keep it so.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone who is unwilling or unable to comply with our safety policies.  Those who are turned away for willful, non-compliance will not receive a refund so please do not sign up for a class if you do not intend to follow policy.

What Are we doing to keep the space safe?

Modified Glassblowing Classes ***6 feet of distance cannot be maintained at all times***

    • Our staff have all been vaccinated against Covid-19
    • New hand-operated tools for inflating glass means no “blowing.”
    • Masks may be required while in the galleries, bathroom or kitchen areas.*
    • Masks may be required in all areas of our space, regardless of vaccination status.*  Please plan accordingly.
    • Masks may be required for any unvaccinated participants for the entire length of your session unless taking a break outside.*  (These are provided if you do not have your own.)
    • Great ventilation (6000 cfm/15 ACH) in addition to being largely open to the outdoors for more airflow.
    • Outdoor check-in/waiting area.

We believe in science and will continue to monitor the guidelines and suggestions of the scientific community.  There is nothing “essential” about a glassblowing class so we will only continue to offer our classes for as long as we believe they can be administered safely.  There will be absolutely no tolerance for non-compliance with our expressed policies.  Please come willing to respect our boundaries and those of our other students even if you do not agree with them.

For Renters and Multiweek Students

  • Renters may forego masks if they have been fully vaccinated. Everyone must wear a mask to enter the galleries, kitchen or bathroom spaces.*
  • Renters may NOT place their mouths on any studio pipes or other studio tools.
  • If a renter chooses to use their own pipes, so as to blow glass traditionally, with their mouths, they cannot then use the studio’s auto-puffer or hand-puffer systems with those contaminated pipes.
  • Multiweek students may, if all students in the class have been fully vaccinated, with the consent of the entire class, opt to forego masks during their class.*

*With guidelines changing regularly, please plan for the strictest enforcement of these policies.  At the time of your visit, we may relax these policies partially or entirely.