Group Events

Looking for a dynamic space to host your next event?  Ghost Pepper Glass is an exceptional venue for any event from fundraisers to holiday parties, corporate retreats to birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties and more. We not only offer a beautiful outdoor space and connections to catering options but the entertainment of having glass artists shaping molten glass before your eyes, narrated explanations, and even a hands-on experience incorporated into your event.  All private events will be tailored to suit your groups specific needs and budget.  Groups are welcome to bring in outside catering, food and/or beverages for guests during parties and events as long as it is pre-arranged.  All glass created by our team during the event for demonstration purposes will remain the property of the artist unless specifically arranged beforehand or purchased separately.

Groups of 8 or more can book a private event without having to rent out the entire studio space.  Workshops must be a minimum of 2 hours and can consist of any combination of the following:

  • Individual Hands-On Activity (Each Participant Makes One Small Piece)
  • Glassblowing Demonstration with Narration and Live Q & A
  • Group Hands-On Activity (Whole Group Makes One Large Collaboration–great for celebrating someone’s birthday, wedding, Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day)

The most popular event type includes a hands-on activity where each participant has the opportunity to make a small glass object one-on-one with an instructor.  Our instructors act as a guide and keep our students safe but we try to allow the participant to do as much of the process as possible, which makes for a really memorable experience.  Our facility is set up so that those who aren’t participating are able to watch, take pictures of, encourage or (sometimes) heckle the others.  This format costs $55/person.  Please check out our Taste of Glassblowing classes to see the possible items that can be made in this type of workshop: ornament/sun-catcher, paperweight, flower, pumpkin or dish.  It is best if the group is limited to 1 or 2 of these items.

Another option or a possible add on to the workshop would be to have our staff do narrated demonstrations of glassmaking.  That would not be a hands-on activity, however, it could precede the hands-on component of the event.  For our narrated demonstrations, we would have two glass artists working together to make complex glass objects before your eyes and an additional glass artists dedicated to explaining the process, history, science, etc. about our industry while, also, answering any questions from the group.  We charge $200/hour for demonstrations and could focus the content around themes in which your group might be interested.

We also have a small break room and outdoor patio space that can accommodate catering or bringing in your own food and beverage, if you so choose.  We do not have relationships with any caterers but can offer recommendation and be present to allow those items to be delivered ahead of time so long as they are paid for in advance.  If bringing in alcoholic beverages, please encourage your group to limit consumption until after they have participated in the hands-on activity.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us to coordinate a customized event to suit your group’s needs.