Fun with Fusing!

Price: $45/participant | Class Size: 1- 4 participants, same household
Ages: 5+ | Duration: 1 hr. (4 hr. MAX) | Prerequisite: None


Are you interested in learning a fun, new craft that everyone in your family can enjoy?  Try our Fun with Fusing class!  This class is very beginner friendly and offers a variety of colorful projects to choose from. Everyone in your household can either make something different and unique or your group can collaborate together and make matching, cohesive set of objects, like ornaments or coasters!



Class Description

Everyone will be provided safety glasses, glass scoring tools, colorful sheet glass, glue, an inspiration binder, and a helpful introduction from one of our instructors to get you started!

Each participant must work within a 5″ x 5″ square.  An individual can make any of the following objects :

  • Single Cooking Spoon Rest
  • Single Coaster
  • Colorful Tile
  • An Ornament
  • 4-6 small magnets
  • 4-6 small pendants for jewelry
  • Whatever else you can imagine!

This is an open class that allows you to stay for as little as 30 minutes or as long as the full 4 hours.  Some people enjoy getting very detailed working on their small creations while other take the minimalist approach.  Remember, we are working with a 5” x 5” square but it is amazing to see what people come up with!

Once you are happy with your project, the instructor will take it and place it in our kiln so it can slowly begin to heat and fuse the glass together.  The fusing process can take up to ten hours, so please plan to come back to the studio and pick up your finished work within the following week. 

**If you’re making magnets, the magnets will be provided and glued onto your final project for you.