Fun with Fusing!

Price: $50/participant | Class Size: 1 – 16 participants
Ages: 5+ | Duration: 1-2 hr. (3 hr. MAX) | Prerequisite: None


Are you interested in learning a fun, new craft that everyone in your family can enjoy? Or looking to plan a fun outing with friends, chilling on a patio with your besties and a cold beverage in hand? What if you could do that WHILE making glass art? Our Fun with Fusing class is all that!  This class is very beginner friendly and offers a variety of colorful projects to choose from. Everyone in your household can either make something different and unique or your group can collaborate together and make matching, cohesive set of objects, like ornaments or coasters!

Class Description

Each session begins with safety guidelines, introduction to materials, and then glass cutting demonstration from the instructor. Fused glass samples are available to discuss techniques and approaches involved. Students will then take some time to begin drawing and planning their pieces before choosing, cutting, and glueing glass. We offer a series of prompts as inspiration for your glass fusing:

  • A hanging mobile*: A hanging wall piece? A kinetic sculpture in the corner? Something to catch the light in the window?
  • A pet portrait: YES PLEASE!
  • A seasonal option: Halloween can be celebrated all year ‘round.
  • Magnet*
  • Spoon rest
  • Jewelry/Pendant*

*Some projects will require additional materials and processes outside the scope of the class. Your instructor will offer advice.

We highly encourage students to bring printed pictures to their workshop! Each student can make a) up to 3 small (1.5” x 1.5”) pieces or b) one larger (5” x 5”) piece.

Once pieces are complete, the instructor will take them to be fused in a kiln overnight. Please note that final glass fusing projects may take up to one week to be fired.

This is an open class that allows you to stay for as little as 30 minutes or as long as the full 3 hours.  Some people enjoy getting very detailed working on their small creations while other take the minimalist approach.