Hot Shop Rental

Hot Shop Equipment:

1000 LB Wet Dog Glass Round Day Tank Furnace

16″ Canned Heat Glory Hole

12″ Canned Heat Glory Hole

2x 53.5″wide x 29″deep x 31.5″tall Annealers

1x 71″wide x 33″deep x 33″tall Annealer

Jasen Johnsen Garage


Rates Include Use of glory hole, up to 10 lbs of clear glass per hour, pipe warmer, pipe cooler, bench, marver, shared use of garage and/or color box, and regular 16-hr annealing cycle.  More than the allotted glass will be charged at $3/lb. of glass removed from the furnace and will include the work, crackoff, and drip off.  The Hot Shop must be scheduled in 4-hour sessions (8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, and 6pm-10pm).  Any exceptions must be approved by the studio head.

12″ Glory Hole – $45/Hour

16″ Glory Hole – $50/Hour

Tool Rental – $25/Session

Pipe Rental – $25/Session

Long Anneal – $25/Each Additional 6 Hours