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We offer a variety of classes and workshops for all skill levels.  Our class formats have been designed with careful consideration of your safety, what makes a fun experience and a realistic understanding of what is achievable with little to no experience.

All Ages (Children must have a parent or guardian Present)

INTRO TO SAND CASTING: New curbside class developed with fun and safety in mind for Summer 2020. Available for all ages. On our patio, design your own art glass tile and learn about the mold making process for sand casting. In this workshop, you will design your own relief mold by pressing objects into a pre-made sand/clay mixture.  You will then carefully remove the object to create an impression in the sand as negative space left behind. You can use numerous objects to make your design in the sand; a small item you bring with you, any of the fun items we have on hand, or even your own hand!

When the mold preparation is complete our instructors will ladle the molten glass from the furnace and pour it into your mold. Each participant will make 1 cast tile per session no larger than 5x5x2 inches. After your artwork is complete it is placed in an oven to begin the slow cooling process. Items must cool overnight.

Social distancing areas between workstations will be clearly marked. Masks are required for the entire duration of the workshop.

Contactless pick up available on Sundays from 2-5pm or by email appointment.

Ages 18+

TASTE OF GLASSBLOWING: This is our “crash course” to check glassblowing off of your bucketlist.  You’ll be paired with an experienced instructor for 20 minutes who will acquaint you with the studio, teach you about the material and guide you through making a small souvenir of your own.

PRIVATE LESSONS: For a more in-depth lesson in glassmaking, 1-2 participants can engage in a private lesson for 2 hours.  Your instructor will still help you with the fundamentals but don’t expect her to make the piece for you.  Your skills or lack-there-of will be on display so we encourage you to work within some manageable boundaries.

PRIVATE WORKSHOPS: Groups of 8 or more can book a private workshop in the style of our Taste of Glassblowing classes.

MULTI-WEEK COURSE: Those seeking complete independence in glassmaking should jump right into our multi-week courses.  These classes start from square one and build you towards renting our studio equipment to practice or make your own work, independent of an instructor.  Glassmaking takes years to master so don’t expect to be cranking out masterpieces in your first few months.

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