Rental Requirements

Regardless of experience, all renters must undergo a safety orientation prior to using any equipment.  This orientation must be completed annually to ensure the safety of the renters and longevity of our equipment.  Further, an individual must demonstrate adequate understanding of operation and maintenance of a machine in order to be allowed unsupervised use.  For those who are just starting to work in glass, we offer classes and private lessons to acquaint you with whatever you may wish to use.  With guidance and supervision, you may be introduced to proper safety as well as various styles and techniques for working with glass.  Upon approval from your instructor, you may be permitted to use the equipment on your own.  Regardless of experience, approval or having undergone the proper equipment orientation, there will always be someone on site to answer any questions you may have and we encourage you to be preemptive about seeking help as it is imperative to maintaining a safe environment.