Student Groups

It’s never to early to get into glass.  Glassblowing is not just an art form.  It is a highly technical and physical craft which relies on complicated equipment made by the artists themselves.  In an industry where overheads are high and the cost of goods made in China are low, being a glassmaker requires so much more than a free spirit and creative slant.  To be successful, we must wear many hats (engineer, designer, fabricator, instructor, etc.) and do what cannot be done by any less qualified human or machine.

Because of this, learning about glassblowing translates to learning about so much more!  We welcome student groups of all ages to come in for our “Tour and Demo” program but encourage those 6yr+ groups to try a hands-on experience.  Safety is absolutely paramount so for the younger groups, our instructors will take on more of the work in making each student’s piece while still allowing everyone to get an up-close-and-personal lesson in glassmaking.

Contact us for student pricing.  Discounts given for at-risk youth programs.