Update on The Studio Build Out

It has been a while now since we broke ground on the site that will be Ghost Pepper Glass and while a lot has happened in that time, there’s been a lot of stagnation as well.  Various factors have caused delays–everything from hurricanes to miscommunications, from last-minute upgrades to the build-out plans by the property owner, to our site being pushed aside for other priorities (also by the property owner).  I can honestly say that all delays were outside of my control but, fortunately, my team budgeted and planned for many worst-case scenarios and thus have been able to remain patient and optimistic.

While I have received countless timelines from the property owner and his contractors, only this last one seemed likely enough to pass along to our community.  Finally, I feel that I can say with confidence, we will be opening the studio this coming January!

I will start to post more updates and pictures from here on out as the progress is happening rather quickly but for now I will start with one from a couple weeks back that made me laugh.  Not sure how this sign ended up in front of our site but, as you can see, the plumbing is the least of our bathroom worries….



“BATHROOMS ARE OUT OF ORDER – So sorry  🙁  The entire building is having a problem with plumbing”

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