You Draw It, We Make It!


**UPDATE** 8/16/2020

**We will put this project on the back burner until we have received more interest and feed back on how we can improve on this program.  Thank you all for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you!**

Here at Ghost Pepper Glass, we’ve been working hard developing a new program specifically for kids! If you have a child that is 17 years old or under AND who loves to doodle, then send us their drawings! We are going to begin a RAFFLE program where one of our skilled glass artists will sculpt one lucky kid’s drawing out of glass! DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS ENDS ON AUGUST 14th, 10 a.m! The first drawing will be chosen and announced on Saturday, August 15th, 2020 at noon, central time!  The object WILL NOT be made the same day so we will be able to coordinated with the winner so they will be able watch their drawing come to life!  The winner and their family will be invited to watch the object being made on our outdoor patio LIVE!  We will also live stream the making of this object and upload it to Ghost Pepper Glass’s YOUTUBE page. The young designer will get to KEEP the final product! That’s right!

Here is what you can do to enter…

1) Venmo @ghostpepperglass $10 for ONE entry/picture. ($20 for two entries and so on…) From every submission, $5 will be donated to Austin Independent School District Crisis Support Fund! ( **There is no limit on the amount of submissions per household.**

2) Email the following
– A snap shot or scanned image of your child’s drawing.
– A brief description of what inspired your young artist.
– The artists name and age.

Glass needs time to cool!  Our glass typically needs a full day to cool down from 2,100 degrees F to room temperature.  We will coordinate with the young designer and their family so we can arrange free contact-less pick up or drop off.


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