Narrated Demonstration

If getting hands-on with molten glass seems a bit too much for your first experience, if you just want to get a better idea of what all the fuss is about, or your group is too young to participate, you can schedule a narrated demonstration with our team.  Our team of experienced glassblowers will create complex pieces before your eyes while explaining the process, offering some insight into the history of glassmaking and answering any questions you may have.   Whether you’re curious about the history, chemistry, or physics behind what we do, our staff can offer endless insights and relevant demonstrations per your group’s interests.

What is “Crystal”? Is glass just melted sand?  How do you add the colors?  We can answer all these questions and more during our narrated demonstrations.  There is a 2-hour minimum for demonstrations unless they are used as an introductory portion of a hands-on event.  The cost is $200 per hour and up to about 16 can usually view/hear the demonstration without issue.  This is a great format to supplement a holiday party because you can bring in your own food and beverages, mingle and play games on our patio in addition to some “hot” entertainment.

Outside of a specifically organized and narrated demonstration, all are encouraged to come by our studio any time while we are working to watch (though not narrated) free of charge.

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