How do I check, modify or cancel my reservation?
Here on our website!! Fill out your reservation info here and press submit!  You may modify your reservation with at least 5 days advanced notice and cancel with at least 24 hr notice.

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Email address

How do I see availability or sign up for a class?
Right here on the website.  Each offering has its own page under the “Take a Class” drop down menu with a calendar, project images, info on the class and the ability to sign up online.

What if the time I want is greyed out or it says “It is too late to make this reservation”?
We are sorry that we cannot accommodate you!  Please do not call or email us because we do not keep any secret availability nor do we accept extra payment to bump other clients or force our staff to work extended hours in the heat.  Hopefully, we can accommodate you in the future!

What is the cost?
All prices are listed on their respective pages (under the “Take a Class” drop down menu). Our class offerings are tax exempt and there are no hidden fees.  Our staff are all paid living wages but tips for good service are always appreciated.

What can I expect to make?
Each type of class/workshop/lesson/event has its own full page of info. Click on the following terms for a quick link to each info page.

Crash Course, Private Lesson, Private Group Workshop, Sand Casting, Multi-week Courses.

Do you offer gift cards or can I sign up for a class for someone else?
Yes! Electronic gift cards are available here and physical gift cards can be purchased in store.

I have a gift card but cannot redeem it through the payment gateway!
16-digit redemption codes may be input in lieu of a credit card number.  Expiration date?  Make up something that hasn’t passed yet.  CVV? 123 or any other number will do.  Email us with as much information as possible if you cannot make a reservation for any reason.

What is the minimum age to participate?
Our glassblowing classes are designed for participants 18+.  All glassblowing class formats are VERY hands-on and, as such, not well suited for kids. If you want to hold your kids’ feet to the fire, we don’t blame you but leave us out of it!  Sand-casting workshops are well suited for participants 6 and up with parental supervision.

Is your studio accessible?
Yes! Our entire studio (restroom included) and classes are accessible, however, please notify us ahead of time if you are participating in a hands-on workshop and have special needs.  Since we do not use our specialized equipment daily, we may need a little notice to set up.

What do I need to wear/bring?
You must wear closed-toe shoes and natural-fiber clothing such as cotton, linen or denim.  It does not have to be 100% cotton.  If it will survive your dryer, you should be okay.  Shorts and short-sleeved shirts are fine. In the colder months, you may prefer long sleeves and pants.  All other materials will be provided.

Will the studio be hot because of the furnaces even though it is cold outside?
Sort of. We can control the temperatures in our space to an extent, however, you will always be warmer while participating than while watching. We recommend dressing in layers for the most comfort during Winter.

Why are you closed or have more limited hours in the summer?
Our workshop space is not air conditioned so when you combine 2000ºF equipment and Texas’ summer temps, you get a very hot studio.  Our team can tolerate the discomfort early in the morning or late at night but it’s not fun for anyone in the middle of the day or during the hottest weeks of summer.  We’re sorry we cannot accommodate you.

How hands-on are the intro classes?
Let’s be honest, you’re not going to be an expert just because you binged Blown Away on Netflix.  But we want you to have the full experience even without the skills.  Your instructors will help you with the tricky non-glamourous stuff like collecting clear glass from our furnace, keeping things on center and heating to the right temperatures.  You will be adding your chosen color(s), twisting and folding the material, inflating and/or shaping the object into its final shape.  If you want to learn to do the things instructors do in our intro classes, sign up for a multi-week course.

I will not be available to pick up my belongings after they cool. Do you ship?
Yes, we are able to ship glass.  You will receive an email at the end of your class with a link to purchase shipping for your item(s).

Do you do Team Building Events?
Yes! Check out our Team Building page for more information. We have a 6 person minimum but if you have a smaller group, you can always pay for 6 and have some participants make a second item.

Can my group bring in food or beverages?
Yes. For larger groups, we can set up some tables in our flex space for you to lay your F&B spread. If you choose to make use of our refrigerator, please be respectful of our food and beverages stored in that fridge. It makes our instructors angry when their end-of-shift beers have been consumed by students!

Are we allowed to bring/consume alcohol?
Yes but moderation is key. The hands-on activity is VERY hands-on so if you plan to really unwind, volunteer to go first so you can get the dangerous part out of the way and then go ham. Anybody deemed to be too intoxicated will have to just sit and watch as their instructor makes the piece for them. KNOW YOUR LIMITS, PEOPLE.

Is there a fee for bringing in food/beverages?
There is no fee so long as you clean up after yourselves! However, if you would like to bring in catering or have space to sit down to eat, please let us know ahead of time so that we can convert our flex space from a gallery to a break room format ahead of time.

Do you offer catering for my event?
No we do not. If you bring in food/beverages, please just remember to leave our space as clean as you found it. We are glassmakers, not maids.

What if I want to do this more than just once?  Are there classes to learn how to blow glass independent of an instructor?
Yes! Check out our Multi-week Classes!

Can I come in to just watch?
Yes, you can. We always welcome the public to come in during our open hours to watch us work on our own stuff or teach others. However, we encourage you to call ahead of time if you’re making a dedicated trip over here since we are sometimes being boring by cleaning the shop, refilling the furnace or answering emails. Our Facebook page and Instagram are good resources for checking if we plan to be making something extra exciting or if we are unexpectedly closed.

Your dogs are adorable but I am afraid of big dogs.
Our dogs are spoiled AF, so an hour or two confined to the office or backyard won’t kill them. Feel free to let us know ahead of time or just knock on the window to alert our staff. Ghost, Dotti and Archer wouldn’t hurt a fly but we don’t expect you to overcome your fears at the drop of a hat. Whatever we can do to make you more comfortable, just let us know.

What is your cancellation policy?  Can I get a refund?
Please do not make a reservation unless you are fairly certain you can make it.  We can accommodate 1-2 reservations at a time so cancellations or changes to your reservation are extremely disruptive to our small studio.  That said, you may modify your reservation up until 5 days prior to the start time and cancel up to 24 hours in advance.  Beyond that, we have already started spending your payment in order to set up and be ready for your arrival so refunds will not be granted.  Modifications and cancellations can be made at the top of this page.  An 8% administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds.