Taste Of Glassblowing – Fri & Sat Night Crash Course

***Upcoming project calendars are posted here AS SOON as they are available.  We appreciate your patience.

Our classes are designed for those aged 18+.  Those under 18, forfeit payment.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

For the complete beginner, looking for that first experience with molten glass, Ghost Pepper Glass offers its “Taste Of Glassblowing” workshops for $75/person.  Friday & Saturday evenings from 6-9pm, these events allow individuals, couples and groups can come in and each make a unique souvenir with the help of a professional instructor.  Unlike some other studios that offer a similar program, we want to allow you to do as much of the glassmaking process as possible while maintaining a safe environment, of course!

Students will work one-on-one with an instructor for about 15 minutes to make their small souvenir.  It seems fast until you realize that your instructor can make the same object in 3-5 minutes so we do slow things down quite a bit to explain the process and allow you to do a lot of it yourself.  If there are other participants in your party, they will be able to observe, cheer you on (or heckle) and take photos until it is their turn, even if they are signed up for a different time slot.

Keep in mind that each instructor can only teach 4 participants per hour time slot so if you are signing up a group larger than 4, register for subsequent time slots to stick together as a group with a single instructor.  For example, a group of 6 could sign up 4 people for 7pm and 2 for 8pm.  In this way, you all show up at 7pm and take turns for a little over an hour until you are all finished.  If you sign up 5-8 participants for the same time slot, you will work 2 at a time, across two workbenches in order to complete all projects in time for the next group.

Items must cool overnight so please allow for pick up on the following business day or after.  We are closed every Monday.  Participants must wear closed-toe shoes and natural fiber clothing.  We will provide all other tools and materials.