Studio Rental

Ghost Pepper Glass is, first and foremost, a space for makers.  We have spared no expense to provide state-of-the-art equipment in a turn-key environment to enable glassmakers of all backgrounds and experience levels to realize their designs.  All that we ask is that renters take the time to understand proper operation, care and maintenance of our equipment in order to ensure safe working conditions and the longevity of our equipment.  If you are interested in renting our equipment, please get in touch to set up a studio orientation or private instruction to get started.  Participating in a class or orientation does not guarantee that you will be approved for studio rental.  Approval by a studio head is based on merit.

Hot Shop Equipment:

  • 1000 LB Wet Dog Glass Round Day Tank Furnace
  • 16″ Canned Heat Glory Hole
  • 12″ Canned Heat Glory Hole
  • 10″ Canned Heat Glory Hole
  • (2x) Wet Dog Annealers (53.5″w x 29″d x 31.5″h)
  • (1x) Large Annealer “5” (71″w x 33″d x 33″h)
  • Jasen Johnsen Garage
  • Rates Include Use of glory hole, up to 10 lbs of clear glass per hour, pipe warmer, pipe cooler, bench, marver, shared use of garage and/or color box, blocks, and regular 16-hr annealing cycle.  More than the allotted glass will be charged at $3/lb. of glass removed from the furnace and will include the work, crackoff, and drip off.  The Hot Shop must be scheduled in 4-hour sessions (8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, and 6pm-10pm).  Any exceptions must be approved by the studio head.
  • 16″ Glory Hole – $50/hour
  • 10/12″ Glory Hole – $45/hour
  • Hand Tool Rental – $25/session
  • Pipe Rental – $25/session
  • Long Anneal – $25/Each Additional 6 hours
  • Exact Torch Rental – $3/hour
  • Mid-Range Torch – $5/hour

Cold Shop Equipment:

Our cold shop rental rate is $15/hour, across the board.  Equipment included in that rate is as follows:

  • WaterJet Design 24 Inch Variable Speed Diamond Grinder
  • Jim9000 Height Adjustable Lathe
  • Covington Lathe
  • MK 101-24 10″ Wet Saw
  • 4×106 Inch Wet Belt Sander (Coming Soon)
  • Drill Press (Coming Soon)

For those interested in flameworking/lampworking/torchworking, fused glass, cast glass, stained glass and other glass-making techniques, we do not currently have equipment or space in allocated for those types of classes.  In the future, we would like to set up a classroom for flameworking but that is still at least a year into the future.  We encourage you to investigate our neighboring business which offer some other ways of working with glass.