Private Lessons

Our classes are designed for those aged 18+.  Regardless of previous experiences at other studios, this is a hard and fast rule.

We offer private instruction for you and/or that special artist in your life.  Come in for a session where 1-2 people work privately with an instructor for 2 hours.  While the class can get more in-depth, what you can make will depend on your own skills or lack-there-of.  If you stick to small, simple items, like those made in our Taste of Glassblowing workshop (ornament, flower, paperweight, etc) you can expect to successfully make several items but participants who choose to venture into more difficult items (such as a cup, small vase, dish, etc) should understand that they may go home empty-handed.  This is the nature of the material and why it takes decades to master.  

Private Lessons are 2-hours, cost $320 (for 1 or 2 participants only).  Availability is shown in the calendar above.