Meet The Team!

Ghost Pepper Glass is a public glassblowing studio on the near east side of Austin, Texas.  As the only glassblowing studio of its kind in the Austin area, we seek to create an environment that caters to both the most skilled glass artisan while inviting the most novice enthusiast.  Ghost Pepper Glass is, first and foremost, a space for artists and craftspeople to dream big and work together to create that which can only be made by hand.  We offer classes for absolute beginners, equipment rental for experienced professionals, a retail space for gift givers, and everything in between.  If nothing else, we welcome you to stop in, say “hello” and watch us play with molten glass for a bit–but we cannot promise you won’t get hooked!

Shara Funari – Education Coordinator –

Shara is a founding member of GPG and a Texas native, coming up through the San Antonio glass scene via a true grit, production studio apprenticeship.  Her work represents her wide range of skill and appreciation for the material, often focusing on complex techniques for creating patterns and textures while showcasing the natural and unique qualities of glass.  Her work stands apart due to adventurous color combinations, often embracing the chemical reactions that can happen when mixing certain glasses or exposing color to low-oxygen environments in order to bring a metallic shine to the surface.  Shara has also worked extensively on utilizing recycled and repurposed glass to create beautiful light fixtures and tableware which are available in limited sets.

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Corey Cox – Artist/Instructor –

Corey has been blowing glass all over Texas for well over a decade.  He has patience in spades which makes him especially great at teaching our introductory classes and workshops.  During times when off-hand glassblowing hasn’t been available to him, Corey has kept his hands fresh by focusing on his own home flameworking studio where he has been able to create smaller, more detailed glassworks, such as his very popular sugar skulls!  He has been able to scale up a lot of the same flameworking skills to his work in the hot shop while also developing an entirely new range of functional glassware.

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Keith Moy – Artist/Instructor      >> KEITH’S INSTAGRAM <<

Keith had a background in industrial design before finding his passion for glass and it shines through with his modern design aesthetic.  His glassmaking style plays to the strengths of the material while showcasing technical prowess through clean, delicate forms.  Moy’s use of color, while simplistic at first glance, focuses on the nuances of saturation, density, texture and the interplay between color and form that can come from specific heating patterns and stretching of the material.  This understated and elegant approach not only pays homage to the glass but compliments any home’s decor.

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Risa REcio – Artist/Instructor

Risa discovered glassblowing while in grad school in Chicago and quickly became invaluable to the local glass studio, Firebird Community Arts, where she taught glassblowing as a means for those traumatized by gun violence to heal through art.  Moving to Austin, she jumped right into our production team by helping us to fabricate some large commercial orders and it was an instant fit.  Rounding out our motley crew, she brought along a bunch of oddballs of her own.  That is, Risa doesn’t just create glassware, she imbues each piece with a personality and character…a “simple” facial expression that inevitably inspires a backstory in the minds of each onlooker.  While these designs are certainly whimsical, each one is carefully crafted so your new best friend will last a lifetime.  Get ready to squeal with joy before clicking the link below.

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Katie Plunkard – Owner/Studio Technician –

Katie has been blowing glass since 2006 but she became fascinated with glass much earlier when she saw glass artisans working on the island of Malta at the age of 11.  After finding a public glassmaking studio years later in her home town of Chicago, she tried her hand at making a cup and was instantly hooked.  With a background in both sculptural work and functional tableware, Katie enjoys blurring the lines between decorative art and functional craft while also trying to imitate patterns found in textile work wherever possible.

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Ghost Pepper, Dotti, Archer And Carson – Shop Dogs/Human Resources


Let’s be honest, these four really run the show.  If you are good at giving pats and belly rubs, you’ll do just fine in our shop.  If you’re afraid of dogs, fear not!  We can absolutely keep this K-9 team entertained in another part of the shop, should you want to come in anyway.