Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a great solution for those in your life who are impossible to shop for or if you know you want to give the gift of a class but don’t know the recipient’s availability.  Our gift cards are redeemable for retail goods as well as all of our classes, workshops and lessons.  They can be used in conjunction with other discounts and never expire.

Electronic gift cards are available through Square here.  If purchasing a gift card with the gift of a class in mind, please look through our class pages to see our pricing.  Classes are a non-taxable service so the amount listed is the total owed, though tips are always appreciated.

For E-giftcards, you may also send the link to yourself if you would like to control when and how it is delivered to the recipient.  The relevant information is the 16-digit redemption code which can be written into a holiday card or some other handmade voucher if you prefer.

Redeeming a Gift Card

You can input the 16-digit redemption code into the credit card portion of the booking form.  Put anything in the CVV and Expiration fields (for example (01/23 and 123).  If for any reason that does not work, just email us with the following: (1) your name, (2) email address, (3) phone number, (4,5,6) preferred date/time/activity type you’d like to reserve, (7) number of participants and (8) the 16-digit redemption code. We will manually reserve the spot and charge the gift card. If the gift card doesn’t fully cover the cost, we will email you an invoice for the difference through Square.

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