Intro to Sand Casting

Price: $60/participant | Class Size: 1- 4 participants, same household
Ages: 0+ | Duration: 1 hr. | Prerequisite: None

Looking for a fun and creative group activity for your household? The Intro to Sand Casting workshop is the perfect solution! GPG instructors will guide you as you design your own art glass tile and learn about the mold making process for sand casting. In this workshop, you will design your own relief mold by pressing objects into a pre-made sand/clay mixture.  You will then carefully remove the object to create an impression in the sand as negative space left behind. You can use numerous objects to make your design in the sand; a small item you bring with you, any of the fun items we have on hand, or even your own hand! You are encouraged to bring your own small objects to use in this process, just avoid objects that are very delicate or will create ‘undercuts’ that disturb the molded sand when being removed.
When the mold preparation is complete our instructors will ladle the molten glass from the furnace and pour it into your mold. Each participant will make 1 cast tile per session no larger than 5x5x2 inches. After your artwork is complete it is placed in an oven to begin the slow cooling process. Items must cool overnight. Contactless pick up available on Sundays from 2-5pm or by email appointment.

**Masks are required for the entire duration of the workshop. If you need to momentarily take your mask off for any reason, you are required to sit at your reserved workstation during that time. This workshop is intended to offer a safe activity for households that quarantine together; reserved workstations are meant to accommodate a single household. Social distancing areas between workstations will be clearly marked. In order for different households to share in the experience, please reserve separate workstations, maintain social distancing while participating and keep this a safe experience for everyone in our community.