Gallery/Social Media Coordinator

Gallery/Social Media Coordinator

We are looking for someone to take over our physical and virtual retail spaces!  Currently, our gallery, website and social media platforms are run through a collective effort.  In order to free up our own bandwidth we are looking for a more specialized and dedicated person to take the wheel.  Professional experience working in retail, photography and/or social media is required.  Primary responsibilities include curating our gallery spaces, photographing new work for our website and socials, documenting studio activities and posting content to our various platforms.  Secondary responsibilities would include organizing sales or events in our space, generating ideas to boost sales or engagement with our audience and tidying of our retail space.

We are looking for a full time team member but can be flexible for the right person.  Pay starts at $22/hr with regular pay increases as experience and responsibilities expand.  No glassblowing experience is required but an interest in glassmaking is a plus.

Job Description

  • Primary Responsibilities: Curating our gallery and creating content for social media.
  • Hours: 30-40hrs per week.
  • Secondary Responsibilities: Organizing events and cleaning of retail spaces.

Job Requirements

  • Professional retail experience (1-2 years/2,000 hours min.)
  • Afternoon, and evening availability.
  • Must be enthusiastic about engaging with the public.
  • Must be proficient with social media platforms.
  • Photography or videography chops are a big plus!
  • Must have a positive attitude and genuine interest in art, craft and glassmaking.
  • Applicant must be punctual, self-motivated, have attention to detail, be neat/tidy, eager to learn/grow, able to follow directions, have patience, have direct communication skills, be team work/goal oriented and have reliable transportation.
  • Must be able to check your ego at the door.  No gate keeping.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work!  Must be a team-player.
  • Breaks can be taken as needed so please no cell phones or personal life distractions while you’re clocked in.

**Glassblowing skills are not a requirement but are welcomed**

Job Benefits

  • Pay starts at $22/hr based on experience and will increase regularly as responsibilities and skills grow.
  • Opportunity to learn about glassmaking and grow with a very fun, hardworking team.
  • Endless learning and collaboration opportunities through teamwork and from peers.
  • Exposure to craft show and retail opportunity information in the area.
  • For artists, inclusion of any successful products in the Ghost Pepper Glass gallery, pop ups and craft shows in which the studio participates.
  • For artists, peer feedback about product development and team collaboration in finding appropriate retail outlets.

We work hard as a team and have fun where we can.  You’ll get whatever you put in and then some with this job.  Interested and qualified individuals should send a resume, images of work and a cover letter to  Please let us know why you’d like to join our team and what you hope to accomplish for yourself, in this role.

Suggested application components:

  • Resume – Not just the when and where but WHAT was your role there?  What skills do you consider your strengths?
  • Images – Any quality of image and medium is welcome but if the medium, scale or such are ambiguous, please provide that info.
  • Cover Letter – What do you like about us?  What do you think we will like about you?

There’s no specific format to provide this information but part of why we are hiring is that we are too busy right now.  So please don’t make it a puzzle for us to get a sense for who you are or what skills you possess.  When in doubt, give us a bit more info.  And please take some time to get a sense for what Ghost Pepper Glass is about so that you can decide if we are even a good fit for you!