Custom Commissions

WE are closed to new custom projects until 2022.

Custom Order of 80 Peacock Vases for Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture


Before contacting us, please read through the parameters below to see if your project might be a good fit.  We appreciate that your request might be very important to you either because of a deadline, sentimental value or otherwise, however, we are expressing our boundaries here which are in place to protect the physical and mental health of our staff as well as to ensure this studio remains viable.  Please respect these boundaries.

Qualified Projects Meet The Following Criteria:

  • We require a minimum budget of $400 for any new designs.  Prototyping, Designing, stocking custom colors and client correspondence can take a lot of time and energy.  Expect any custom work to cost at least 50-100% more than a comparably sized/patterned piece on our shelf.
  • The ability for our team to contribute significant creative input is necessary for achieving a design that considers the material nature and limitations of glass.  Additionally, we will prioritize designs that reflect the style(s) of one or more of our artists as it feeds our souls to create this sort of work.
  • It is helpful to contact us at least three weeks ahead of when you may need the project completed (longer, if it must be shipped) so that we have ample time to discuss the design, order materials and receive payment before scheduling the actual fabrication process into our busy schedule.  Fabrication can take days or weeks depending on the number of units and complexity of the design.  Glassblowing is physically and mentally taxing so our bodies and minds require rest to perform at their peak.  Your patience is paramount to receiving the highest quality result.
  • Depending on your project, 25-100% of the payment must be received in order to start the design or fabrication process.   This percentage will be determined on a case by case basis.  We will not begin to order materials or schedule production sessions until invoices have been paid.  If forms must be filled out to process payment through a billing department, please provide these forms as early as your first inquiry so that we may streamline the process.
  • Clients must understand that everything we make is made by hand at 1200-2100ºF so items will vary from piece to piece or from exact specifications.  We can make things to spec but, the tighter the tolerances, the more zeros we add to the price because it will take longer and we will have to throw out attempts that don’t meet the parameters.  Those who appreciate the character and variation of handmade glass will go to the front of the line, get the best possible price and truly support our team.

We Do Not Take On Projects Defined by The Following Criteria:

  • We will not recreate, plagiarize, or otherwise attempt to imitate the work of other artists.
  • We do not create prototypes for items that will ultimately be machine manufactured.
  • Budgets of less than $400 are best suited for another artist/studio.
  • Designs that must be “perfect” are not only unachievable but straight up boring.  Let us make you something better than perfect.
  • We do not do repairs because glass cannot be melted back together the way that you might think.  Our best suggestion would be for you to invest in some epoxy or UV adhesive to glue your heirloom back together. ***Links Below***
  • New projects due in fewer than 3 weeks will not be accepted.

Possible Exceptions: (Subject To Exact Circumstances)

  • Our lighting designs!  We make most lighting to order.  So size and color variations on our existing designs do not need to meet the budget minimum but we still ask for three weeks or more of lead time to source and fit hardware in addition to making the glass parts.
  • Ordering more stock of previously commissioned work may qualify for exemption from the budget minimum and timeline since we have already worked out the kinks and potentially have your color in stock and any custom tools made.
  • A simple color variation on something that we already make or have made for you in the past may be exempt from the budget minimum.  An example would be to ask for for a set of our UpCup pint glasses in purple.
  • A simple size or shape variation on something that we already make or have made for you in the past may be exempt from the budget minimum.  An example would be to request our DropCup stemless wine glass with a matching pitcher.


Recommended Adhesives For Repairs:

These are industry adhesives that can be useful but do require attention to the instructions to achieve the strongest bond with the least evidence of a break.