Group Workshops

Our classes are designed for those aged 18+.  No exceptions. Groups of 6-24 can book a private event Tuesday – Sunday.  Workshops last 2-3 hours and involve each participant getting one-on-one instruction on designing and creating a small glass item to take home once it has cooled overnight.  $75/Person  For groups larger than 12, please sign up for two simultaneous reservations in order to reserve the appropriate amount of instructors and space in our studio. Individual Hands-On Activity The most popular event type includes a hands-on activity where each participant has the opportunity to make a small glass object one-on-one with an instructor.  Our instructors act as a guide and keep our students safe but we try to allow the participant to do as much of the process as possible, which makes for a really memorable experience.  Our facility is set up so that those who aren’t participating are able to watch, take pictures of, encourage or (sometimes) heckle the others.  This format costs $75/person.  Please look below to see the possible items that can be made in this type of workshop: ornament/sun-catcher, paperweight, flower, pumpkin or dish.  (Each event may have two options for projects but each participant will only make one.) We also have a small break room and outdoor patio space that can accommodate catering or bringing in your own food and beverage, if you so choose.  If bringing in alcoholic beverages, please encourage your group to limit consumption until after they have participated in the hands-on activity.

Projects will take a day to cool down without cracking.  Typically, items are cool enough to collect by 3pm the following day.  However, power outages can sometimes cause longer cooling cycles.  If you are not able to collect your projects after they have cooled, we can ship them to you for an additional charge.  Items are not shipped every day so please be patient with us as we orchestrate this added service.

We’ve had far too many groups showing up quite late, forcing us to either impact other scheduled activities, cut their experience short or force our staff to work longer.  We hate doing any of these things so please take into account the time it will take you to get here and aim to arrive a little early as we are now instituting a late fee, at your instructor’s discretion, of $65/every 15 minutes late/workbench. ***It is best to know your numbers upon booking!!  We cannot accommodate changes within 5 days of your event and will not grant refunds for no-shows (though, in the case of fewer participants than scheduled, some participants may repeat the class to make additional items up the the total number booked).***

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