Fundamentals Courses

For those wishing to really dig in, our multi-week courses might be for you.

Courses consist of 4-hour lessons held once a week, for 4 weeks.  Each lesson will consist of both instruction and practice time with demonstrations and projects progressing through the weeks.

We will start with fundamentals (i.e. clear blobs) to teach you complete independence in the shop in the hopes that, after a few months of consistent training, you will be able to rent practice time in the shop, independent of an instructor.  Glassmaking is quite challenging but you will very much get what you give so those able to dedicate the most consistent time and focus will progress the quickest!

4-week courses cost $600/person and include use of equipment, tools and materials. We do not run these classes until we have 4-6 interested students who can coordinate their schedules for four consecutive sessions, as missing a class at the early stages can leave you really far behind.  So please get in touch, if you are interested, and we will connect you with other interested individuals to start the coordination process.  We always have 10-30 interested students in the rotation so please email to let us know your general availability and best contact method in order to most quickly form a full class.  Alternatively, check out our “Private Lesson” page to explore options for working at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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