For our Taste of Glassblowing classes we have chosen a range of manageable objects that will each provide a unique and awesome opportunity to explore molten glass.  In making the garden floats and sun catchers, for example, you will have the opportunity to literally “blow glass” by using your lungs to inflate the bubble much like a balloon.  Our paperweights and flowers are solid objects (not blown) where the focus will be sculpting the glass by hand.  For each, you will be able to choose and apply colors to the glass and do as much of the shaping as possible with the guidance of an instructor.  There is no wrong choice and we encourage you to sign up for as many classes as you can to experience the entire range of possibilities.

Our classes are designed for those aged 18+. Those aged 13-17 must EACH be accompanied by a participating parent, guardian or equivalent chaperone and you must call ahead before booking for anyone under 18.  Those aged 12 and under are not able to participate, in any capacity unless otherwise approved by your instructor so please call ahead to discuss.

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